Bubble Wrap!

Click image for larger map and GPS track...

Click image for larger map and GPS track…

Looking at the map above it doesn’t look like all that impressive a ride, but it took us 5 tries to finally link up all these trails. Two of those tries ended due to injury and one of them with multiple ER visits. For a while I thought we were cursed, but yesterday we got the ride done. We started with 9 riders and finished with 4, but no serious injuries were sustained! ๐Ÿ™‚

Trails ridden:

– Easy Rider
– Skull
– Inventive
– Little Face
– Centerfold
– Switchbacks
– Water Works
– Phase II
– Jelly Roll
– North Ridge
– Bubble Wrap
– Trillium
– Who’s Your Daddy!
– Nightshift
– Skull
– Easy Rider

This loop features a lot of sustained technical riding that is the hallmark of the Hartland Bike Park. Slower techy grinding up and steep twisty trails then ย steeply down with lots of rocks and roots to get through. The 12kms of riding will take between 2-3hrs depending on the group.

Joanne was happy to be part of the elite team that finally completed this ride...

Joanne was happy to be part of the elite team that finally completed this ride…

The main new trail for me was Bubble Wrap which is a fun old school technical trail. Slow, steep and chunky with lots of roots and rocks to puzzle your way through. None of it is crazy hard, but it’s sustained with just a few easy sections to give you a rest. Unlike a lot of the rest of the local trails Bubble Wrap breaks out of the trees for some sunshine and spectacular views.

Trailforks says:

“A very long (for Dump standards), old school all mountain trail with minimal flow and lots of technical challenges and a few superb viewpoints. Best ridden with a new-school AM bike. Some excellent open ridge portions with sparse vegetation and lots of fun on the rocks. Riding it south to north will put you in the extreme north end of the park and far from everything else.”

By connecting it up with the rest of the trails listed above you get to ride most of the best trails in the Hartland network. I’ve got some ideas for making up a bigger figure-eight loop by heading west and south to capture the rest of the primo Hartland trails. That would be one ride to rule them all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pivot Mach 6 Updates

The Mach 6 got an update:

  • the bike went Boost front and back [**sigh**]
  • more subdued graphics [like]
  • revised internal cable routing [like]
  • alloy version available [like]
  • stiffer revised linkages [like]
  • removable front dรฉrailleur mount for 1x use [like]
  • updated shock [like]

All in all a good update. Kind of doesn’t matter to me much since I’m keeping my existing Mach 6 for many more years. The stiffer linkages are retrofit-able so I can add those to my bike should I wish.

Pivot’s Mach 6 product page.

The day of the derailleurs!

Derailleur hanger #1...

Derailleur hanger #1…

I haven’t had a derailleur problem in over 15yrs+ so it came as a bit of a shock to damage two of them in 50m of trail. First up John tweaked his hanger and derailleur after a small crash. We stopped and he replaced the hanger with a spare he had and bent his derailleur back into shape.

It was a beautiful day So chilling out in the sunshine while he fixed his machine was no big deal.

50m later....WTF?

50m later….WTF?

Literally 50m down the trail I rode over a large flat rock that flipped up and pushed my derailleur into my spokes. Ripped the hanger off and wrapped the chain around the back of the cassette. Hanger destroyed, derailleur bent, but thankfully spokes/wheel not damaged. The Bike Gods had some mercy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Working on the Nomad...

Working on the Nomad…

The good news is I had a spare derailleur hanger in my pack. The bad news is it was for my Pivot Mach 6 not the Nomad! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We were at the top of the mountain I just pulled the chain and derailleur off and I coasted down to truck.

This is the first major mechanical I have ever had on the Nomad that shut down a ride so I can’t really complain. I’ll be installing a new derailleur, chain and a new-ish crank from Sharon’s Pivot [she put a new crank on it and gave me the take off.].

I’ll put the Nomad away for the summer riding season and bring it back stronger than ever next fall.

Better this hanger than my frame...

Better this hanger than my frame…