Pivot Mach 6 Updates

The Mach 6 got an update:

  • the bike went Boost front and back [**sigh**]
  • more subdued graphics [like]
  • revised internal cable routing [like]
  • alloy version available [like]
  • stiffer revised linkages [like]
  • removable front dΓ©railleur mount for 1x use [like]
  • updated shock [like]

All in all a good update. Kind of doesn’t matter to me much since I’m keeping my existing Mach 6 for many more years. The stiffer linkages are retrofit-able so I can add those to my bike should I wish.

Pivot’s Mach 6 product page.

AZT750 Race Video

With the TD in full effect at the moment and some bikepacking trips coming up for me I thought I would post some mountain bike touring content. I’ve been keen to ride the AZT course [not race #crazytalk] and this video is great motivation to make it happen. πŸ™‚