Fiberfix Emergency Spoke Review

About the size of some chapstick...

About the size of some chapstick…

I’ve been hauling around these Fiberfix kevlar emergency spokes with me on tours and brevets for years. They are tiny 15g kits that are about as small as a chapstick that can rapidly replace a broken spoke in your bike’s wheel. Having spare spokes always seemed like a good idea, but needing specific sizes for each wheel you own and protecting them on the ride so they’d be in good shape when you needed them was a drag. Not to mention the broken spoke might be on your friend’s bike.

So easy!

So easy!

Of course even better than having an emergency spoke with you on tour is not breaking a spoke in the first place! I never have broken a spoke on a bicycle in combat yet. I do that by:

  1. Using quality parts
  2. Having a pro bike mechanic I trust build my wheels
  3. Checking the spoke tension myself before trips
  4. Getting wheels tuned up if needed

Even on my trail bike that gets smashed into rocks at high speed all ride every ride I can typically go a couple years between doing any truing of my wheels.

But sometimes shit happens right?

Joanne's wheel back in action...

Joanne’s wheel back in action…

Nothing you can do if a stick leaps into your spokes on the trail or if you crash and your wheel lands on a rock.

The other night I got a call from a friend who needed her bike wheel trued before a big ride the next morning. I agreed to look at her wheel. Once we had it in the truing stand we realized she had a broken spoke and that we could not make the wheel rideable without replacing the spoke. It was 9pm so getting a new spoke from a bike shop was not going to happen.

The emergency spoke threaded through the hub...

The emergency spoke threaded through the hub…

This seemed like a job for as Fiberfix spoke so I grabbed one and started to install it. The whole job took 5 mins.

  1. remove broken spoke
  2. thread Fiberfix spoke through hub
  3. thread Fiberfix spoke into existing nipple
  4. feed Fiberfix spoke through clamping mechanism
  5. pull hand tight
  6. tighten to desired tension with spoke wrench
  7. true wheel

The Fiberfix spoke will handle any size wheel. The cassette doesn’t have to come off if it’s a rear wheel which is nice.

Fiberfix clamp...

Fiberfix clamp…

Joanne rode the wheel for 90kms the next day on her ride and it stayed 100% function with no lose of tension in the emergency spoke. When she was ready to fix the wheel permanently she removed teh Fiberfix spoke and gave it back to me. It can be reused as many times as needed.

Problem solved...

Problem solved…

Light, easy to use, low cost, high functional and reusable. That sounds like a winner to me! 🙂