I love long pants I cannot lie!

Carhart 34" x 34" fit me great!

Carhart 34″ x 34″ fit me great!

I just want to say thank you to all the companies that make pants in longer than standard 32″ in-seams. I hate “floods” and the only way I can cover my socks is with pants that have a 33″-34″ in-seam. Normal length pants fit me fine in the store, but within a few months they start getting shorter and shorter. I wash on cold and use just enough low heat dry to get ahead of our coastal humidity.

My list of longer pant options:

  • Carhart [easy to find 34″ length]
  • Prana
  • TNF
  • Patagonia

Not shockingly these are the brand of pants I wear. 🙂

What adventures are you wearing?

This video is worth watching on Black Friday.

Two pearls of wisdom that I have come across and that I try to live by are:

  • “The real treasures in life can never be taken away from you.”
  • “Wealth is freedom and mobility – not a big bank account.”

Although I work and I buy gear to facilitate my adventures I stay focused on the fact it is the experiences themselves that are the really valuable parts of my life. Not the stuff I bought along the way.