B&M IQ CYO Plus R Bicycle Light – 1yr Review

Sharon's light setup...

Sharon’s light setup…

Sharon’s being using a B&M IQ Cyo Plus R bike light mated to a Shimano dynohub [model DH-3N80] for about a year now. I had the same light and hub on my 700c Surly LHT before that although it didn’t see a ton of use. Sharon on the other hand is a near daily bicycle commuter year round here in Victoria. She rides ~4 out of 5 days a week.

The 3 main claims to fame of this light are:

  1. never needs batteries
  2. bright enough for cycling at a decent speed on an unlit bikepath
  3. considerate focused beam of light keeps light out of other riders’ eyes
Sharon's Surly Cross Check commuter...

Sharon’s Surly Cross Check commuter…

So far we can back up all three claims and add a fourth – the light has been robust enough to survive lots of bumps and bangs plus rain as this is Sharon’s go to bike for all urban riding. It gets locked up at bike racks and in a bike locker at work that has tweaked her fenders and left scratched on her frame and rack, but the light has not needed any adjustment or maintenance.

The part I like the best is Sharon never comes in my office in the AM panicked because her bike light’s batteries didn’t get charged properly forcing me to steal the batteries in my wireless keyboard so she can ride to work!

No drama. No hassles. It just works! 🙂

Sharon with dual B&M lights...

Sharon with dual B&M lights…

Normally she runs with just the B&M dynohub light, but for the occasional foggy dead of winter commute she’ll add her battery powered B&M Ixon IQ light. It’s not essential, but it’s paid for.

You can see more photos of Sharon’s bike here.

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