VEMA – Bicycle Emergency Response

Looks like the local emergency response folks are setting up an elite squad of bicycle riders to save the city from disaster! I guess me and my Big Dummy better join! 😉

Have trailer and ready to ride…

If you have a bicycle, are 19 years of age or over, and would like to help the community in the event of a disaster, VEMA’s new Cyclist Response Team is for you.  

Cyclists can play an important role in an emergency response. After an earthquake in Victoria, cyclists may be able to access roads, pathways and bridges that vehicles can’t, to help move people, information and materials from one location to another. VEMA is creating the Cyclist Response Team to help meet this need in the community. 

Cyclist Response Team members will train to be responsible for moving information and supplies; conducting damage assessment and other information gathering tasks; and performing mobile first aid and basic search and rescue. Volunteers will receive training in bicycle safety, first aid, basic emergency preparedness and basic damage assessment of buildings. Learn more about this exciting volunteer opportunity by attending an information session in January.

Information Session: VEMA’s Cyclist Response Team
Thursday, January 23, 2014
6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Note new location: Oaklands Community Centre
2827 Belmont Avenue
** Location was changed to allow for the use of a larger room.
***There is motor vehicle parking (street).
****There are a few bike racks to the left of the main door and there are various poles and fences in close proximity to lock bikes to.
*****This location is close to bus routes on Hillside and on Shelbourne. Allow between 5 and 10 minutes to walk from each route.

To register to attend this session, email or call 250.920.3373. We look forward to meeting you. “

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